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Found Pets General disclaimers

If you have located your lost pet on this web page, please note the animal ID number and contact us at
(520) 243-5900.

The animals listed on this web page have been impounded by Pima Animal Care and, in most cases, are located at the Pima Animal Care Center. If you have lost your pet please look through the entire list at links above.

The stray intake list is an additional tool that people can use to find their lost animals. Every attempt has been made to list all impounded animals in a timely manner; however, there may be circumstances that prevent your pet from being listed. Searching this web page should not substitute for personally coming to Pima Animal Care Center at least every other day and looking for your lost pet.

Pets that are listed will remain on this web page for 3 full days, at which time the information will be removed from this page. The animal will be evaluated for adoption or rescue. If the animal is assessed as adoptable, the pet will show up on the adoption web page. Staff also works diligently with our rescue partners to find suitable homes for as many animals as possible and will hold each animal as long as health and behavior allow. If you do not see your pet, please go to our partner's website linked on the left of this page.

If you have a lost pet, please come to Pima Animal Care Center to look for him/her. Unfortunately, due to the high volume of animals that we care for and the variety of descriptions that can be given to any one animal, the best chance of finding your lost pet is to physically come to the shelter at least every other day and see for yourself if your pet is here.

Due to the graphic nature of some of the photographs, the intake list does not include those animals that have been brought in deceased or that have been found dead on arrival. We recommend that all who have lost an animal come to Pima Animal Care Center and look through our DOA log to view the information on such animals.

To search for animals that have been found and brought to the Pima Animal Care Center (PACC Intake), please click the following links:

Denegaciones Generales Sobre Animales Encontrados

Si usted ha encontrado su animal perdido en esta página, note por favor el número de identificación y llamenos al
(520) 243-5900.

Los animales en esta página han sido incautados por Pima Animal Care Center y, en la mayoría de los casos, son situados en Pima Animal Care Center. Si usted ha perdido su animal por favor revise la lista entera.

Esta lista es un instrumento adicional que puede utilizar para encontrar sus animales perdidos. Se ha hecho cada intento de incluír todos los animales; sin embargo, es posible que su animal so se ha incluyido. Esta pagina no debe substituir su responsabilidad de visitar Pima Animal Care Center cada otro día para ver si su animal esta presente.

Los animales listados se quedarán en esta página por tres días enteros, despues de los tres días la información será eliminada de esta página. El animal será evaluado para listar como adopción o rescate. Si el animal es valorado para adoptar, se presentara en esta pagina. Nuestros empleados trabajan diligentemente con nuestros socios de rescate para encontrar casas convenientes para la mayoría de los animales y que se cuiden siempre que la salud y la conducta permiten. Si usted no ve su animal en nuestra página, por favor visite las paginas web de nuestros socios ligados a la izquierda de su pantaya.

Si usted perdio un animal, por favor venga a Pima Animal Care Center. Desafortunadamente, debido al alto volumen animales que cuidamos y la variedad de descripciones que pueden ser dadas a cualquiera animal, la mejor manera de encontrar su animal perdido es de venir.

Debido a la naturaleza gráfica de algunas de las fotografías, la lista de toma no incluye esos animales difuntos. Recomendamos que todos los que han perdido un animal vengan a Pima Animal Care Center y utilizen nuestra base de datos DOA.